Enlighten | Educate | Empower

= Virtual Counseling (ask about our subscription service)
= Individual and Group Counseling
= Relationship Counseling
= Family Counseling
= Faith-Based Individual/Couple Counseling

= Relationships
 -Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Conflict
= Trauma
- Relational Trauma
- Complex PTSD
= Spiritual Transformation
- Inner Healing, Transformation, Wholeness

Common Concerns Addressed:
= Past Relationship Conflicts and Hurts
= Inner Healing
= Grief and Loss
= Anger, Shame and Guilt
= Faith & Spiritual Growth
= Depression and Sadness
= Anxiety, Fear, and Stress
= Self-esteem/Self-acceptance
= Communication Challenges
= Creating Healthy Boundaries
= Major Life Changes
= Body Image & Intuitive Eating

Clarify | Connect | Commit

Personal Empowerment Coaching
Building Healthy and Whole Individuals to Pursue Purpose and Passion

ALIGN: Purpose, Passion & Pursuit Program ($250)
-Personal Vision Development
- Personal Vision Execution
-Vision Sustainment and Growth

Relationship Empowerment Coaching
Building Authentic, Healthy, Lasting Relationships

Re-CONNECTIONS: Define, Develop, Devote



Executive Empowerment Coaching
Building Successful Teams for Excellent Service Provision

EXCEL: Create, Lead, and Grow 
-Building Healthy Partnerships
-Conflict Resolution
-Boundary Mapping


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