• Teneka G. Miles, LCSW

Trust in Relationships

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

RELATIONSHIPS....we are broken or healed by them. What is the most important relationship in your life? Is this relationship healthy: producing mutual fulfillment rooted in love and truth; and free from dis-ease? Our first essential task to building a healthy relationship is TRUST.

According to Erickson’s theory of the psychosocial stages of life, the first stage involves trust versus mistrust. It should be no surprise that our first goal in life is to master trust, since that is the basis for all of our relationships moving forward. For many of us, our earliest experiences have not been positive enough to allow us to adopt a trusting attitude. This is perhaps a result of instability, inconsistency, invasion of boundaries, or even actual threat of harm or abandonment. From this experience mistrust is manifested in isolation and avoidance of intimacy.  

So, how do we build trust? We must first understand what it is. Trust is an action produced  because of another action or inaction. It's our belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of a person, thing or idea. To exercise our belief in someone or something we have to have experiences that allow us to determine if they/it will do what is "expected" of them/it. Experience of our "expectations" met overtime develops trust. 


Deepen your faith in an experiential relationship with Christ. Worldly relationships may ebb and flow, but a relationship with Christ will stabilize YOU....a major factor in relationships. Do not blame others for what God has given you access to bring to Him in prayer. We are often the catalyst to our own change. 

With passion I pause and cling to you. Because feel your grip on my life, Keep my soul close to Your heart (Psalm 63:8 TPT)


Teneka G. Miles

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