Teneka is a profound prophetic voice sent to bring inner
healing, transformation, and wholeness to the wounded
soul. She is passionate about sharing the love, light and
truth of Christ’s power to heal, transform and manifest
wholeness in the life of the Believer. With her personal
testimony and professional experience she skillfully
bridges faith and mental health, utilizing Christian
principles and theories of human behavior to

She is mandated by Jeremiah 1:10 to:

-Uproot lies produced by unhealthy relational experiences that create soul wounds
-Plant new truths that lead to healthy relational experiences 
-Pull down strongholds set up in the mind to hinder whole-life transformation
-Destroy false identities, purpose, and provision
-Overthrow spiritual powers that work to keep people wounded and bound
-Build a new foundation through the Love and the Word of Truth to firmly establish God’s Kingdom, host His Presence
, and serve His Purpose.

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