She was born for this
She is not your average counselor/coach; unlike most in her field, she has the ability to intuitively connect with her clients. She is warm and engaging, yet dynamic and passionate when it comes to empowering inner healing, transformation, and wholeness.
Partnering with Teneka creates an instantaneous positive change in your life. Her
passion, honesty, personal engagement and an in-depth understanding of human
behavior, relationships and spiritual transformation sets her apart in the field of
counseling and spiritual development. She has unique way helping you to discover
your true identity, purpose, and potential which she views as the foundations for
WHOLE-LIFE transformation.


She empowers positive change
Teneka G. Miles, LCSW, CCTP, BC-TMH is the Founder and CEO

of Covenant Counseling Services, LLC.

In her 15+ years of experience, she developed WHOLE-LIFE Transformation. This therapeutic framework, based on the foundations of attachment, psychodynamic and spiritual transformation theories, addresses relational trauma, helps individuals heal from past relational wounds, and to discover their identity and purpose.
Clients are empowered to have healthy relational attachments, and effectively function in their homes,
work place, and society.

Georgia, LCSW (005469)
South Carolina, LICSW-CP (12450)
Alabama, LICSW (4278C)


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

 Board Certified Telemental Health 

FAMILY, FAITH, FRIENDSHIP…She lives an abundant life
With an array of personal experiences, she is a master at relating to others. She is known as a friend to all.

She has authored two powerful books about successfully overcoming the effects of trauma and being made whole

(Wholeness: Powerful Journal Meditations for Inner Healing and

Nothing Missing: Healing Souls Wounds and Discovering Wholeness Through a Transformative Relationship with God.)

When Teneka is not partnering with clients for WHOLE-LIFE Transformation, she enjoys family time with her husband and four children. A perfect day would have to include a great cup of coffee, a good book, with thunder and rain to accompany.

She has learned to find joy in simplicity, peace in silence, and faith in the unchangeable love of God.

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